Who really understands you and who is ready to convert? We discover that for you.

We segment your customers based on their ability to be delighted and their job to be done, and then we find your future customers. We believe that you can truly delight about 1/8th of your current customer base. Why not find more people who look exactly like your best customers who really get what your company is all about?

Why not attract customers who are lured by your company without excessive email spamming and discount use?

We can segment your customer by active, large spenders, and not active, although this is not an exclusive list. This helps you answer these questions, for example:

  • What are you doing right now with your active spenders?
  • What will make your active customers spend more?
  • Why are they clicking emails and other marketing materials?
  • Why did the non-active customers sign up for promotions?

What do you get?

A team dedicated to working with you connect with your customers with data with a splash of human emotions there too.

When you know what your customers are “hiring” you for, you delight them even more.

Find people who are ready to convert to your company. What do they need to hire?