The following links are use cases of our technology and consulting. We have endeavored to find interesting problems to review. Some are based on client work, and some are based on adjacent work.

The files are real data, but we have limited some of the information that we would publish if you were a client. This is a good example of how powerful psycholinguistics can be in focusing businesses on what their customers’ needs are. We are a big believer in Clayton Christensen’s theory of Jobs to be Done. This technology utilizes that theory and helps businesses realize that jobs to be done is highly connected and causal to Trait Theory.

To make it practical, this data and the next steps that follow the use cases you will see create high efficiency, high conversion rate scenarios by changing how we present our products and services to customers. It affects where we market who we market to. When we create this focus, we create efficiencies. Once those efficiencies are realized, we can then broaden the addressable market far beyond what we normally consider.

We can figure out your job to be done so you can innovate and create growth.