Disruption empowered by sources of truth.

We are disruptive consultants. Our jobs-to-be-done software can figure that out in a fraction of the time it takes to conduct and analyze a survey, and with less hassle and errors. Using the power of 150 years of psycholinguistics and predictive data combined with CRM data, we determine why your customer buys your product.

Clayton Christensen developed the jobs-to-be-done theory to explain why people “hire” certain products. We created technology to help us add to his theory and made it non-invasive and faster. No surveys. No cookies. No BS.

We help realize the future.

Why we exist

We believe in the power of psycholinguistics and jobs-to-be-done. Combining them leads to profound discoveries about people and why they make decisions.

How we do it

Our technology and human expertise mix together to get you up to speed on your customers and future customers.

What you get

You get data and a solid plan on how to use the findings. How do you understand your customers and increase conversion now?