A company never quite understands its customer.

You may not be marketing to your best customer.

Predictive data gives you insight into what your customer wants.

We segment your customers based on their ability to be delighted,
And assign an economic value to each segment.

Sally signs up for promotions and always uses coupons. You think Sally is the ideal customer! In reality, Sally is not your best customer. She is unhappy with or neutral towards your company. If a rival company emails Sally discounts, she will move on. You have burned her out with marketing emails.

What do you do now?

Use predictive data to segment your customers. Active spender. Active but not a huge spender. Not active.

  • What are you doing right with active spenders?
  • What will make your active customers spend more?
  • Why are they clicking emails and other marketing materials?
  • Why did the non-active customers sign up for promotions?

Develop strategies around customer delight.
Attract more ideal customers.