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Product Recommendations with Personality

If you’ve ever received a product recommendation from your favorite retailer, you know how often they get it wrong. That’s because they’re using your previous purchases or brand affinity alone to predict what you want. We think who you are is a better indicator of what you like, so we’re helping retailers improve the conversion of their incentives by factoring in the personality of their customers or prospects.

By adding personality types and traits, you can better predict what your customers will love based on what similar people have purchased. We can integrate with your existing product recommendation engine, or stand alone.

Email Content that feels Personal

We speak with a lot of companies that segment their email marketing audiences based on buying behavior alone - how often they purchase, what they purchase, etc. We think you can do better.

Who we are determines how we respond to content - from how often we receive an email, to the depth of information provided and the types of benefits offered. Our content engine provides exactly these types of recommendations - plus product recommendations - so you can build meaningful, high impact campaigns.


Track and learn how changes to your product, website design, or sales and marketing messages affect the profile of your customers. Understand how to communicate and design more effectively by tapping into their personality types.

MakeBuzz software enhances your CRM with rich demographic and behavioral data; our monthly dashboards provide insight not only into your customer’s interests and activities but who they are and what they care about.

Your most valuable assets are your customers – and your CRM could be working a lot harder for you. It holds the key to deepening your existing relationships and building new ones.

Who are your customers and what do they care about?

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