Most businesses think they are customer-centric, but what does this really mean? We think it means using deep customer insight and segmentation to grow your business efficiently.

In a way, your company’s most valuable asset is your customer database – and it could be working a lot harder for you. It holds the key to deepening your existing customer relationships and building new ones.

Many times, data is underleveraged because it’s incomplete – you may know name and address and what they buy, but what do you really know about your customer? What if you could enhance your data to make it actionable?


Using our rich database and proprietary software, we append, analyze and segment your customers into actionable, measurable, and reachable groups. We identify your most profitable segments, in order to provide new prospects that look just like them.

We’ve helped our clients apply this insight across their organizations:


Create and manage more efficient
and targeted marketing
We use customer insight and lookalike lists to directly speak to qualified prospective customers through targeted, personalized 1:1 media. The result: better media engagement and increased sales efficiency.


Guide Product Segmentation
and Development
We use look-alike modeling and customer insight to do both qualitative and quantitative research with your exact target audience. This helps us refine product concepts to ensure your success in the market place.  


Manage and execute
Brand Strategy
Our team supports the development of brand identity and concepts to create a clear and relevant value proposition. We help you refine your brand positioning according to your target audiences, ensuring that your message will resonate.

Sales & Service Models

Enhance Customer
Service/Experience models
With a better understanding of your diverse client base, we can help you structure both a sales process and service model that will speak to the needs of the target audience.  Having the right sales language and approach is essential for efficient client acquisition – refining approaches based on customer behavior leads to long client retention.  



1. CRM Enhancement
2. Customer Segmentation
3. Opportunity Modeling
4. Strategic Application