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Fast & powerful insight into WHO shops your brand and WHY. Use your customers' personality to improve product recommendations and email campaigns automatically.

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Personality Analytics

What if you could enhance your customer data to make it immediately useful across multiple applications?
As an API, we integrate with your CRM to improve product recommendations and email content.
As a dashboard, our personality profiles help you correctly identify existing and prospective customers, and tailor messaging and creative for greater impact.

Recommend Better

Want to improve Customer Lifetime Value? Our recommendation engine goes beyond brand affinity - it uses the personality of your customers to suggest products they’ll really love.

Speak Their Language

Use Buyer Personality to increase email conversion— and seriously boost sales revenue— by speaking your customers' language. Our prospecting engine works with your email marketing to change email content for maximum impact.

Adapt Your Sales Style

Different personalities respond to different sales tactics. Our dashboards give you the insight to easily tailor communication style and content and connect with the target audience.

Prospect Smarter

There’s a reason your brand attracts the people it does. Our personality profiles provide the details you need to model prospective audiences after your most profitable customers.

How it works

We leverage our database of profiles for more than 200 Million people and our proprietary computational linguistics platform to provide you with quick and actionable insight - at scale.

No time-consuming interviews or surveys needed. Using just the names and addresses or email of your customers, we can provide rich personality profiles, trends and CRM appends for use across your business.

Our Platform

What we do

Our latest software profiles customers according to the most well-known personality and behavioral models, including Myers-Briggs types (MBTI), DISC Behavioral types and Big 5 personalities, to understand who they are, what motivates them, and find others like them.

Our dashboards integrate your business data - including transaction data and customer value - to identify buyer trends as changes are made to the product, website, marketing or sales strategy. Rather than a one-time study, you get ongoing insight to help you make timely decisions.

Our software can also integrate with your CRM to allow personality data to affect product recommendations (through your CMS) or email content (through your ESP).

Our platform

Who are your customers and what do they care about?

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